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Show Me Whatcha Got - BTL

Look up, look up! I'm talking to you! There's only suffering Looking back at what you've been through. Nothing can be done about yesterday, But you can do so much with the gift Known as today.
I'm sick and tired of watching you bleed, Today's the final day you're gonna spend in defeat. It's time to fight back (Fight Back!) Against the devil's schemes. You were designed for dominion, So show me whatcha got!
Don't leave your pearls in the realm of the dead The cross to bear gets lighter with the joy set ahead It's time to fight back (fight back!) Remember that it was said, You were designed for dominion So show me whatcha got!
Look up, look up! I'm talking to you! You're going anywhere that you fix your gaze to! Action follows faith, I think we'd agree, So make the authentic you the new reality.

I wrote this songs with a hand full of friends in mind. The song itself was practically birthed out of being fed up with seeing many people that are important to me dealing with depression, anxiety, or they're not living a limited life because they are fearful and don't believe in themselves. This song was written as an indirect way of calling them (and everyone else who listens to this song) to the heights that they can truly make it to. The line "Show me whatcha got" is used almost as a dare to get the listener to get up and go for the gold.

Naturally, I am convinced that the only way to reach the true pinnacle of our potential is embracing a relationship with Jesus -- after all, who better to teach us to live by design than the designer? However, there are many listeners I have (friends or strangers) that do not believe in Jesus. To that, I say you will get to chase your dreams either way. You'll even achieve a measure of success if you're determined to but, on top of success, Jesus gives healing to the mind and body, as well as what you do gaining momentum in the ongoing redemption of the world God is working in the earth, on top of a utopian eternal destination. It's absolutely your choice on what you want to do. It's great to be remembered for what you achieved in life, but all the better to not lose yourself (your soul) while gaining the world.

Until next time, FireBrand out!

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