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It's Scary!

If I were being completely honest with you, what I’m pursuing right now isn’t quite like what I imagined it would be when I was little and had this desire to be a “rockstar.” I’m going the independent route as to preserve integrity of my music, message, money, and mental health by not putting myself in the hands of a corporate entity that could try to usurp its will over how all four of those things could go. What that leaves me with is not just the responsibility of producing my own music and making sure I am perfecting my craft, but also becoming a business and conducting the side of the music industry I know I’m not quite inclined toward.

I signed a DBA form, got it notarized, and sent it off to LegalZoom where I purchased a business license. FireBrand Music is now a business entity, and as a sole proprietor I am responsible for taxes, legal liabilities, and making sure EVERYTHING is done correctly. If not, the music goes under or I get in serious legal trouble. Part of me is terrified of that responsibility. Many of you know me as a man of faith, and I believe Jesus’ sacrifice was NOT just to get us to heaven; it was to remove sin, which separates us from God, and that connection that is available is very practical on this side of eternity. We have the chance to ask the One who knows EVERYTHING and hear Him answer in a strategic and specific fashion, allowing us to dominate in any area of life we’re called to. I told God, “I’m not a business man,” and He said, “That’s alright. Let me teach you and you will be by the time I’m done with you.”

But that’s what’s been going through my mind the last week. Hope you got something good out of it.

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