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Can't understand all the screaming? I gotcha covered.

Beat the Machine Album Lyrics

1. From the Fire

Naked and disguising

Unable to hide

Guilty of eternal and temporal crimes
The enemy accuses

Says I deserve to die

And the worst of all is that he’s right

Child of a world defiled

Offered to be reconciled

Paid in blood to be born again
Taken from the fire as a brand


God, why would you consider this man?
God, where’s the righteousness you demand?

Casting aside your crown to wear my curse
The diadem of my shame

Aghast, angels and earth witness their king falling down like the rest
Swallowed in soil and weakness, and lower you go to give sinners your Name
Rising, your victory clothes you

Assurance to all who would know you

2. Beat the Machine

Broken code, programming incomplete

Running to what only will deplete
A life in chains held by the great machine

To enslave us to his deadly regime

Devoured on the gears of the fear we believed

This world reaps the wages of iniquity
We can’t put our trust in the things we have seen

We can’t conform, we must renew our minds


No longer captive to the lies

We’re pressing onward toward the prize
Victory found in sacrifice



It’s more than just gaining a second birth
And waiting for the day of judgement

You must remove the chains from your thinking
To manifest a nature renewed

Lies contaminate the airwaves

The power of the skies
Programming to make us slaves

This is where it dies

If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation; Old things have passed away and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17)Therefore, do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)


No longer scales over our eyes

The enemy has no disguise
You’ll see an army start to rise


3. Captives

You are the road to the grave

The poison I crave
You say that I’m your lover but, to you, I’m a slave
The bondage begins when you lure us in

and traffick who you’ve captured for the pleasure of skin


I’ll cut off my hand before I reach for you

Gouge out an eye or, better yet, make it two
I’m severing ties and exposing all the damage that you do/

No gonna fall for you anymore

Not gonna come when you call anymore
Not gonna feed the oppression you’ve hidden behind closed doors
For the soul made a commodity

and the addicted imprisoned beneath
There is a Savior who paid the price to set the captives free

The incarnated Deity


No hope of winning this fight

Exposed as a blight
No one to come and save you when you’re brought to the light
Victims of every age

Now out of their cage

And judgement falling on you with a holy rage


Displayed on a screen, and sell on the street
This flesh-trading empire will see its defeat

4. Become the Pain

It’s just another string from abuse

It’s just another time I was used
It’s just another broken heart

It’s just another dream torn apart

No small endeavor (to leave the past behind)

You’re close forever (Every fracture you will bind)

In the midst of the lies and the stains
Mercy triumphs over blame

Despite the scars that remain, I refuse...
Refuse to become the pain


The brighter future I could partake
In danger of the black sky of hate

The measure that I’ve held against you
Become the judgement that runs me through


Father in heave

Hallowed be your Name

Forgive us our sins

As we forgive those who sin against us

Divorced from the memories and shame

by letting go of the disdain

with mercy leading the way, I refuse...

Refuse to become the pain

5. Consume Me

Who can deny existence beyond the grave?

Who will deny themselves these pleasures that we crave?

Meaningless endeavors lead to meaningless results

And even if the world is in your hands, where is your soul?

I won’t allow my impulses to consume me

I’ll find my purpose looking towards eternity

Wake up and change the course of your life

Walk the narrow path rather than the wide
Not controlled by every flippant desire

But overtaken by an all consuming fire

Take a step back

Hate what I see

Witnessing clockwork mediocrity

There’s no way I’ll let the jaws of time consume me

Until I know this drink offering is empty

There is no wisdom

There is no plan

There’s no achievement in the grave where we’re going

6. Define Me

Three years, or three seconds

All part of a past I’m not living in
To keep looking back

Leaves me with a stiff neck and stumbling feet

I am a new creation not ashamed of my liberation

Call me what you will
But it’s never gonna be what can define me


I change the way I see myself
And now I live from that identity

No longer destined for defeat, This life restored is


I’m healed, and set free

And preserved all the days to come
I’m not perfection


7. So Do I

I can see it on your face

The sorrow overflows

Through the cracks of the mask you made so it doesn’t show

The walls are closing in

The pressure builds within

And you’re worried everyone is gonna see you explode/


I know when you’re all alone

The memories come in like a wave

And they cut to the bone

You question yourself a thousand times

“Why do I bother to try?”

So do I


The blood is enough for everybody to begin again

The blood (Jesus’ precious blood) is the hope for the defeated to finally win


With your identity erased
It feels like there is no escape

From the thoughts warring inside of your head

One more scar and you might break

It’s far too much to fake
And you’re worried the fear might take control


And to your cries

Mercy replies

Sever the ties

To the wounds of yesterday

Where sin abounds

Grace steals the crown

No longer bound

To the wounds of yesterday

8. Fragment

Give one good reason to me

To stay in the box that you made for me
Self-proclaimed renegades

Put a finger in my face to go with their grain
(I don’t think so!)


This is my life, this is my dream

This is my very own fragment of eternity

I’m becoming everything that I was designed to be
This is my life, this is my dream

This is my very own fragment of eternity
His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth

As it’s been given to me!

It’s about the young and the old

to find that there’s a cure for the cracks in their souls

God bless you, if it’s not your thing

Go listen to whatever somebody else songs

(But this is my song!)


I’ll put God in my lyrics, if I want to

Turn the amps to 11, if I want to

Make the songs dynamic, if I want to

Share my faith from the stage, if I want to

You can become a critic, if you want to

Waste your breathe trying to change me, if you want to!

9. Heavy Chains

To all of those

With habits that make life crumble at the base
Hidden in

The corners of your life

In the shadow of shame

The time of empty bottles and broken needles

Are coming to an end
Empty promises of intoxication

Will see their efforts spent

Take back your life

Shake off these heavy chains

Never return

Forsaking these heavy chains

Don’t give in or quit

Your life was made for more than this, so

Take back your life

So take off these heavy chains

Though it seems

The web you’re in has got you too tangled to win

The body broke

The blood was shed to sever the cords of sin


With one step at a time from the chains that bind you

It will amount to your exodus
Don’t forget that a life awaits you

Just beyond the fight to be free

Taking it back!!

10. this is a War

This is a war, and your soul’s on the line

To destroy your holy design
Make the choice where life aligns

And march straight in the infantry line
In the pages, you’ll find

The helmet to guard your mind
Authority to loose or bind

Spiritual powers and deeds of their kind.

(This is a war) And it’s already won

(This is a war) In the blood of the Son
(This is a war) And it can’t be undone

Like a shot from a gun!

(This is a war) Against the world now maligned

(This is a war) And the powers that blind
(This is a war) A generation defined

By leaving standards behind

This is a war, and you better be ready

Eyes straight. Make sure your aim’s steady
Tread light; the landscape is deadly

I refuse to be another casualty

Turning my eyes to eternity
Not falling for temporary blasphemies

Been stricken by all of my enemies
But I swear, you haven’t seen the last of me

Bleeding out the blood of atonement
My sin is erased in a moment

The truth sets me free when I come to know it
By faith, I won’t live below it

(This is a war) Now absolved from my crimes
(This is a war) I’m turning back to design

(This is a war) Not a creature maligned
Abundant life is mine!

11. On the Attack

Demons from the earliest times

Inspiring ever era's crimes

Multiplying destruction a thousand times

Machines by their subtle demand

Given rulership throughout the land

Embodying their will by the programmer's hand

Justice perverted, society inverted

The principalities reign

Going on the attack

Fight as one, got each other's back

Gonna take our freedom back

In an army of orange and black

A promise from the earliest times

A purchase to annul our crimes

and show mercy and grace a thousand times

Demonic bots think themselves to be gods

but they're all gonna die like men

Jesus come break the chains

Wipe away all the filthy stains

Until only You remain

Train our hands for this war

It's Your glory we're living for

Come and reign forevermore

12. Venom

Venomous self-hatred
Pulsing from inside
Trailing to the veins within your eyes
Incubating anger
Cause what everyone will do
Is filtered through the lens that everybody hates you...
As much as you do.

(And I know)
It’s time to repent of the hate

(And I know)It’s time to eradicate

The mindset that makes me regurgitate...

(Jesus)It’s time I surrender the pain

(Jesus)My rights to embrace disdain

Let love sever me from the heart of Cain


The venom of hate!!

Incubating anger
Pouring poison in the well
A world of iniquity bursts from your mouth
Set on fire by Hell

Love God and love
Others as yourself
A triune cord
Tied to abundant life

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