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You are the road to the grave
The poison I crave
You say that I’m your lover but, to you, I’m a slave
The bondage begins when you lure us in
and traffick who you’ve captured for the pleasure of skin

I’ll cut off my hand before I reach for you
Gouge out an eye or, better yet, make it two
I’m severing ties and exposing all the damage that you do

No gonna fall for you anymore
Not gonna come when you call anymore
Not gonna feed the oppression you’ve hidden behind closed doors
For the soul made a commodity/ and the addicted imprisoned beneath
There is a Savior who paid the price to set the captives free
The incarnated Deity

No hope of winning this fight
Exposed as a blight
No one to come and save you when you’re brought to the light
Victims of every age
Now out of their cage
And judgement falling on you with a holy rage

Displayed on a screen, and sell on the street
This flesh-trading empire will see its defeat

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