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Become the Pain

It’s just another string from abuse
It’s just another time I was used
It’s just another broken heart
It’s just another dream torn apart

No small endeavor (to leave the past behind)
You’re close forever (Every fracture you will bind)

In the midst of the lies and the stains
Mercy triumphs over blame
Despite the scars that remain, I refuse...
Refuse to become the pain

The brighter future I could partake
In danger of the black sky of hate
The measure that I’ve held against you
Become the judgement that runs me through

Father in heaven
Hallowed be your Name
Forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us

Divorced from the memories and shame
By letting go of the disdain
With mercy leading the way, I refuse...
Refuse to become the pain

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