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Beat the Machine

Broken code, programming incomplete
Running to what only will deplete
A life in chains held by the great machine
To enslave us to his deadly regime

Devoured on the gears of the fear we believed
This world reaps the wages of iniquity
We can’t put our trust in the things we have seen
We can’t conform, we must renew our minds

No longer captive to the lies
We’re pressing onward toward the prize
Victory found in sacrifice

It’s more than just gaining a second birth
And waiting for the day of judgement
You must remove the chains from your thinking
To manifest a nature renewed

Lies contaminate the airwaves
The power of the skies
Programming to make us slaves
This is where it dies
If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. Old things have passed away and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17) Therefore, do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)

No longer scales over our eyes
The enemy has no disguise
You’ll see an army start to rise

Become the Pain

It’s just another string from abuse
It’s just another time I was used
It’s just another broken heart
It’s just another dream torn apart

No small endeavor (to leave the past behind)
You’re close forever (Every fracture you will bind)

In the midst of the lies and the stains
Mercy triumphs over blame
Despite the scars that remain, I refuse...
Refuse to become the pain

The brighter future I could partake
In danger of the black sky of hate
The measure that I’ve held against you
Become the judgement that runs me through

Father in heaven
Hallowed be your Name
Forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us

Divorced from the memories and shame
By letting go of the disdain
With mercy leading the way, I refuse...
Refuse to become the pain

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You are the road to the grave
The poison I crave
You say that I’m your lover but, to you, I’m a slave
The bondage begins when you lure us in
and traffick who you’ve captured for the pleasure of skin

I’ll cut off my hand before I reach for you
Gouge out an eye or, better yet, make it two
I’m severing ties and exposing all the damage that you do

No gonna fall for you anymore
Not gonna come when you call anymore
Not gonna feed the oppression you’ve hidden behind closed doors
For the soul made a commodity/ and the addicted imprisoned beneath
There is a Savior who paid the price to set the captives free
The incarnated Deity

No hope of winning this fight
Exposed as a blight
No one to come and save you when you’re brought to the light
Victims of every age
Now out of their cage
And judgement falling on you with a holy rage

Displayed on a screen, and sell on the street
This flesh-trading empire will see its defeat

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From the Fire

Naked and disguising
Unable to hide
Guilty of eternal and temporal crimes
The enemy accuses
Says I deserve to die
And the worst of all is that he’s right

Child of a world defiled
Offered to be reconciled
Paid in blood to be born again
Taken from the fire as a brand

God, why would you consider this man?
God, where’s the righteousness you demand?
Casting aside your crown to wear my curse
The diadem of my shame
Aghast, angels and earth witness their king falling down like the rest
Swallowed in soil and weakness, and lower you go to give sinners your Name
Rising, your victory clothes you
Assurance to all who would know you

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