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Photos by Chad Fenner

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FireBrand (the solo project of Josiah Brand) combines old and modern influenced metal with 90's inspired synths, pads, and samples, cranking out songs ranging from brutal and thunderous to melodic and mysterious. All of which are centered around the message that life in a broken world and eternity in hell can only be escaped by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. 

After the release of his debut album "Overcomer" in 2019, FireBrand released a succession of EP's and singles leading up to his signing with AD Windblown Media Records at the beginning of 2020. After signing, FireBrand released three singles leading up to the album "Beat the Machine".

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Songs from the album such as "Venom" and "Beat the Machine" have topped the CMW Weekly Loud charts at #1 for multiple weeks (with "Beat the Machine" making #5 for the overall year wrap up), and "This is a War" debuting at #3.

FireBrand has had a rotating roster of live musicians, and has been a regular contender in Always One Ministries events such as Kingdom Come Fest and PitFest since 2020. Delivering an electrifying performance leaving audiences wanting more every time.

FireBrand is influenced by variety of industrial acts such as Circle of Dust, Argyle Park, Klank, Rob Zombie, and Fear Factory, as well as old-school metal bands such as Pantera, Living Sacrifice, and Demon Hunter.

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